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Handmade Birthday cards

Handmade Birthday card Ideas — Great Ideas to Impress

Birthday is always a special day in anyone’s life. Everyone wants to celebrate his or her birthday having lots of fun. Greeting a person on his or her birthday is also a very special moment for the celebrator.

It is always a good idea to mail birthday greeting cards but it is more special to give birthday cards made by your own hand. Handmade birthday cards are always different from sending birthday cards through mail. It shows your love and affection for the person whose birthday is going to be celebrated. Handmade cards are always less expensive. Instead of spending more money by buying birthday cards from the market, it is a good idea to go for the handmade cards because they are cheaper. Express your feelings for your loved one in a unique way by making a birthday card by yourself for him or her.

There are so many different ideas through which you can easily make birthday cards by your own hand. It is not a difficult task to make handmade birthday cards for wishing the celebrator on this important day. You can make a card for your friend, partner or for any other special person in your life. So, here are some great handmade birthday card ideas, which can be easily made.

Collage Photos

It’s an interesting idea to make a birthday card for your friend having a collage photo in front of the card. Select 1 or 2 pictures to add in your handmade birthday card. Use color combinations well and try to give a collage style. Place the pictures as you like on a birthday card. Select some great images to add in your card. In the inner portion of the card, write some great lines for your friend wishing him or her on the birthday.

A Paper Flower Bouquet card

Everyone loves flowers and if flowers are stick to your birthday card sent to you by your friend or your partner then it becomes more special. You can easily make a paper flower bouquet card without doing a hard work. First of all, take some colorful transparent straws and stick flowers to them. Now the flowers are ready to place in a bouquet. For making a bouquet, cut out a vase shape by using cardstock and attach it to the front of your birthday card. Keep in mind that you have to stick the sides and bottom of the vase only and keep the upper side open. Now place different flowers into the vase. Now to show your love through words, write something special for your friend inside your card.

Animal Cards

Kids also love to make cards for their friends to wish them on their birthdays but they also require some help from their parents to make cards for their loved ones. It is also a unique idea to make animal cards. No hard work, just use a poster paper and cut it in a rectangular shape then fold it from the middle. On the front page, stick a picture of any favorite animal of your friend having an image of a cake in the middle. Like if you have posted a picture of zebra then also use black and white strips and paste them at the top and bottom of the card vertically or horizontally.


Sports Cards

If your friend likes to play and watch different sports then it is also a good idea to make a favorite sport card for your friend. Stick a picture of his most favorite sport on the front of the birthday card. If your friend loves soccer then stick a running man with a ball on the front portion of the card. In the inner portion of the card, stick some pictures of his favorite soccer player. Also, add some lines wishing him on his birthday.

Cartoon Character Cards

Kids love cartoons very much. Every kid has his or her favorite cartoon character and if the birthday cards contain their favorite cartoon characters then they will be very happy to celebrate the birthday wished by his or her beloved cartoon character. First of all, on the front page make colorful borders. Give a nice background and stick the picture of the recipient’s favorite cartoon. Enhance the beauty of the birthday card, as you like. Be creative and do something different to make a special birthday card for your special one.

Romantic Cards

If you love your life partner very much and want to do something different on the upcoming birthday of your partner like wishing him or her in a different style then go for the handmade birthday cards. The more romantic you are, the more you can easily create an awesome romantic card for your lover. Use Rose petals and stick them on the front side of the card all around the borders. Search a romantic picture on the internet and print it out to paste in the middle of the front page. In the inner portion of the card, use maroon or red background to make a card more romantic.

Hand Painted Cards

If you have enough skills of an artist then you can easily make a birthday card for your partner or a friend. You can add up variety of designs on your birthday cards. It is all up to you. Invest some money in buying quality different brushes and paints to express your love for the recipient in a very unique way.

Cards made using Rubber Stamps

Many people are now going towards rubber-stamping to make handmade birthday cards. By using rubber stamps, it is now not a hard task to create a stylish birthday greeting card for your loved one because of the availability of the unlimited color and designs of stamps in the market. Use of rubber -stamping will take your greeting card to the next level.

Cards made from scratch

Your handmade card from scratch will definitely impress the recipient because the uniqueness will define your time and effort given to make a greeting card. It is easily possible to create an original greeting card in home. Pick up the required supplies and start making a birthday card. You can use either a printer paper or a simple paper and for decorating your card, you can use ribbons, glitter or photographs. Write a sweet message inside your card to show your love to the recipient choosing your words carefully.

Birthday Greeting Cards for your Teacher

Making a card at home for your favorite teacher on his or her birthday sounds interesting. Make a simple card for your teacher; do not use too many colors. Give a nice background and write some lovely lines for your favorite teacher.

Lastly, there are also many designs and ideas available for making handmade birthday cards on the internet too. Search some unique ideas and implement them on your birthday cards. Whatever idea you want to experiment with in making a birthday card always remember to be creative and give yourself ample time to make a clean and stylish birthday card. Mailing a birthday card is also a good idea in this era of technology but your handmade birthday card will enhance the happiness of the recipients because your card will show them how much you love them.

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